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VR AR XR & Immersive Technologies

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

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Immersive Virtual Interactive Reality

Innovative Web & Apps

Developing & Designing  Immersive Experiences that transform Brands, grow businesses and increase online audience engagement. VR , AR, XR, 3D Immersive Environments & Apps.

Augmented Reality

Ar (Augmented) Mobile AppS

Everything is Possible!

Though many people consider AR to be only an entertainment technology, it’s actually widely used in multiple industries like e-commerce, Architecture, Tourism,  Real estate,  Beauty  services, Events, Education and many others. The potential of AR is seamless and brands are already utilizing this technology in their business to provide a brand new user experience.

About Our Company

 iViReal is a multimedia and marketing technology agency located in Epirus, West Greece. Our team of developers and designers create VR Virtual Reality, AR Augment Reality, XR Extended Reality, 3D 360° & XR Virtual Tours, 360° Videos productions, VR XR  Mobile Applications and Dynamic Websites, e-Shops.

 We provide companies with the consultancy and technologies they need, to develop and deploy to her clients or audience, immersive and interactive content experiences across all web platforms, mobile devices, social media, and Head-mounted Displays  HMD’s.

 Our Vision: We believe in a smart society that respects, preserves and promotes its cultural heritage sites and environment to leave memories and experiences for future generations.

Immersive Services

Design & Development

VR AR XR Design

✓ 3D Interactive & Immersive Environment's
✓ VR XR Experiences For Events
✓ VR 3D - Architecture Environments
✓ VR AR Mobile Applications
✓ UX/UI Design


Virtual Tours

✓ 3D Interactive Virtual Tours
✓ Google Street View Tours
✓ VR Immersive Booking Services
✓ Little Planet Photography
✓ 360° 3D Photography


Immersive Websites

✓ Immersive VR Websites
✓ VR AR Commerce
✓ 3D - (Spin Product)
✓ AR Mobile Commerce
✓ AR Instagram Product Filters


360° AR Videography

✓ Immersive 360° 5.7K Videos
✓ 360° Video Live Streaming
✓ VR AR Foul Interactive Videos
✓ Little Planet Cinematography
✓ Commercial Video Production


VR Branding - Marketing

✓ VR AR Branding
✓ AR Content Marketing
✓ AR Social Media Marketing
✓ Metaverce, Facebook, Youtube, ect
✓ VR Immersive Booking Services


Virtual Reality Ready

Our custom solutions can be experienced with all Virtual Reality Head-mounted Displays (HMDs).


Our Google Maps
Street & Business View Collections

 Google Street View Certified
 Level: Master Photographer

Since May 2017
1 Million

Views On Google Maps
Street Views & Business Views

The best way to View our wide collection of Virtual Business & Street View Tours is, what else more realistic than experience in real time directly on Google Maps.
Choose a 360° picture from the gallery section and follow the link on Google maps.


VR AR XR & 360°

1 min

The average amount of time that users spent exploring the environment in VR or 360°. When they spent only 1.5 min for videos.

More Shares
1 x

3D, 360° or VR Virtual Tours and 360° Videos, are shared seven point five (7,5) times more than everything else on social media.

1 %

Internet users between 18-34 years are 130% more likely to book a room or table reservation when they exploring a 360° or VR tour.

People Choose
1 %

Two of three people would like to see a 360° or VR virtual tour of business and they search for a place in Google before they Visit it.

Projects - Portfolio

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Napoleon Zerva nr. 13,  45332 Ioannina, Epirus, Greece.  Corporate Office

Mitropoleos nr. 49, 44627 Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia, Greece.

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Combining Innovation and Immersive Technologies.